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If you are looking to use the free grammar and spell check software, then you should know that it will only play a part in bettering your current writing abilities and skills. Windows 7 users aren't the only ones who have an availability to the product as there is a grammar check software for mac also. Grammar check software reviews are a testament to the effectiveness on the tool and how much of a positive impact it has on writers. If you are looking to utilize the free grammar checking software, then you will not have to worry about spending money on any costs as it is absolutely free of charge. The grammar and spell check software allows writers to delve into their own elements of creativity without having to worry about the little mistakes that are often overlooked in lengthy writing processes. The free grammar check software download is available to any writer who wants to refine their skills, knowledge and expertise in the English language. The grammar check software free should only be utilized when a writer wants to have their work proofread, not written for them. Therefore, the grammar check software free download can most efficiently be utilized as a guiding tool. The free grammar check software covers a wide range of typical writing errors. The grammar checking software lets the writer see his or her misspelled words, improper capitalization, run-on sentences and more. The grammar check software also checks for plagiarized content to assure the writer their work is not duplicated in any form.